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Selling an Accounting or Tax Practice?

Selling An Accounting or Tax Practice?

ZBS Group LLP is actively involved in the pursuit of mergers and acquisitions of accounting practices. Our extensive experience in this space accepts interested sellers to approach us via broker or direct merge. We understand all the factors at stake in a once in a lifetime deal and strive to make the most competitive purchase offers while assuring the comfort of our prospects.

Your Retirement Solutions

Selling your practice can provide security for yourself, your family, and your clients while maximizing your income in the latter years of your career. You have invested your entire career and lifetime into your practice and we understand how valuable a good practice can be.

Why Us?

Our firm believes in implementing a smooth transition. We understand what it takes to make a client feel comfortable enough to share their intimate personal and financial details with their accountant. Our tested and successful process involves a four-step implementation to ensure a smooth transition which is; announcement, introductory period, work flow implementation, point of contact.

Reasons to Merge

You have thought about it and you keep putting it off. Guess what? So have your clients. Your clients will not sit back and wait for you to retire; they will pursue a new accountant if they feel your relationship’s continued longevity is at risk. If you lose the client then you lose future value in your retirement asset. Announcing a merger in preparation for retirement assures your clients that there is a team ready to take over their account in the future or, worse, in the event of an emergency.

Perhaps you are not ready to retire but want to reduce your workload and protect your income. We can accomplish just that. Reduce your workload by utilizing our staff and reduce your administrative burdens by utilizing our industry leading technologies. All at no cost to you.

Benefits of Direct Merging

When is the last time you went for an interview? Well, get your resume ready because as you attempt to market yourself and your practice, you will be pitching yourself to several firms. You will be traveling to different locations to investigate the partners, the offices, and the staff to help ensure you will be in the proper environment that will make you feel at home. After you have selected the best fit you will be presenting your business records as potential buyers scrutinize your life’s work.

As We Say in New York, “Fuggedaboutit!”

Our firm will cut right to the chase. We can present a fair offer quickly! We can present our professional office and staff where we have extensive experience merging in. Also, there will be no broker fees involved, which ensures you receive the greatest possible value for your firm.

What Others Say

"My business is going great and I sincerely don't think that I would be as confident in it without ALL of their help." - Michael C, Yard Smart Lawn Car, Farmingdale, NY

"They made it INCREDIBLY easy and like everything else we've done with them, it was prompt and simple! ...We are always beyond satisfied!!" - Alyia C, Rising Moon Doula, Beacon, NY

"The service is priced competitively, but the quality of care is unmatched." - Justin A, Uhuru Strength and Conditioning, Bayside, NY

"I would not hesitate to recommend" - Dovid K, Gradient Tutoring, Far Rockaway, NY

"Everything from the start has felt seamless" - Daniel S, SC Entertainment, Hoboken, NJ

"Knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and very pleasant. I will most definitely return." - Leslie M, Bethpage, NY

"I am very pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of the whole team and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality service." - Ines B, Flushing., NY

"Very efficient!" - Juana, O, Whitestone, NY

"It went very well. My first time here. Very efficient!" - Jeneva P, Old Bethpage, NY

"I'd recommend ZBS to anyone. They're good people you can trust with your finances." - Trey W, Brooklyn, NY

"All ZBS professionals are courteous, knowledgeable and provide quick responses to all requests. Their prices are just right for the level of service they provide. CanĀ“t ask for more. I am a very satisfied customer." - Luiz G, Garden City, NY

"Excellent. They were professional, knowledgeable, considerate & friendly." - Charlotte, S, Bayville, NY

"Very tech savvy firm, on top of their emails and communication, I get a VIP client treatment every time, highly recommend." - Anna T, Dix Hills, NY

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